Barnabé Monnot

Research scientist @ Robust Incentives Group, Ethereum Foundation.

Research in algorithmic game theory, large systems and cryptoeconomics with a data-driven approach.

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The Inner Lives of Markets: How People Shape Them - And They Shape Us

I would recommend the book to someone who is not familiar with economics, as there is no blatant mistake or exaggeration of what the models are as is so often found in popular science takes on economics. The papers that inspire the discussion are classics of the field and you can never learn too much about them, plus the first chapter on the economics of POW camps was entirely new to me. Still, for someone more comfortable with market mechanisms, some parts lack significant nuance, especially towards the end with the brief discussion on the sharing economy and the effects of markets on behaviour, a subject much better treated in The Moral Economy by Samuel Bowles.

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