Barnabé Monnot

Final year PhD candidate in Singapore, research in algorithmic game theory and large systems with a data-driven approach.

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Date Title Location
March 2019 The price of anarchy in real transportation networks LUISS, Rome, Italy
March 2019 Wealth inequality and the price of anarchy STACS, TU Berlin, Germany
January 2019 When does sparse information seeding induce efficient equilibrium selection? Current Issues in Game Theory and Social Dynamics 2019, Singapore University of Technology and Design
December 2017 Routing Games in the Wild: Efficiency, Equilibration and Regret WINE 2017, IISc Bangalore, India
July 2017 How bad is selfish routing in practice? FAT-SG 2017, National University of Singapore
July 2017 Machine Learning: A Flyover Tehran Node, Iran, for Global Summer School (GSS), Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain (video)
March 2017 Using Mechanical Turk for Behavioural Experiments Humans of SUTD Workshop, Singapore University of Technology and Design
January 2017 Participated in the first Singapore Mathematical Modelisation Challenge Singapore University of Technology and Design
May 2016 Limits and Limitations of No-Regret Learning in Games AAMAS 2016, Singapore
April 2016 Introduction to D3 Singapore University of Technology and Design
March 2016 Sensitivity of Network Controllability to Weight-Based Edge Thresholding CompleNet 2016, Dijon, France
February 2016 Inferring Activities and Optimal Trips: Lessons From Singapore's National Science Experiment CSD&M Asia 2016, Singapore
December 2015 A Soft Intro to Mean Field Games Singapore University of Technology and Design
October 2015 Economics and Computation Workshop, invited to attend UC Berkeley, USA