Barnabé Monnot

Final year PhD candidate in Singapore, research in algorithmic game theory and large systems with a data-driven approach.

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60km with Obike and Mobike

I am in love with bicycle sharing. There, it is said. I can now continue my totally biased journal of thoughts relative to the new dockless bicycles that appeared overnight in Singapore. It is a continuation of sorts of my previous article on cycling in Singapore. I will use the same format of going through several not necessarily ordered thoughts. More...

Collected thoughts on transportation in Singapore II: Cycling

I wrote haphazard thoughts on cars in Singapore in a previous post, following a week-long workshop on transport policies in the city state. Today I want to talk about cycling in Singapore, based on my personal experience and gathered evidence from conversations and policies. More...

Collected thoughts on transportation in Singapore I: Cars

Last week I had the pleasure to attend the Science, Technology and Policy workshop / summer school at the CREATE tower of NUS. They house the Singapore MIT Alliance on Research and Technology (SMART) who developed lately a prototype of self-driving car (which we tested!) and the Singapore branch of ETH’s Future Cities Laboratory. The workshop was tying up these two forces as well as locally-based people and asked us, students and young researchers from these institutions, to think about what Singapore as a smart nation could look like. More...

This is my new website

It was built using Jekyll and hosted by GitHub Pages. I modified the “Minimal” theme to add a few pages and this blog section. More...