Barnabé Monnot

Final year PhD candidate in Singapore, research in algorithmic game theory and large systems with a data-driven approach.

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Design = Economics

I have now spent three and a half years in the Singapore University of Technology and Design. It is pretty clear what the first qualifier, Technology, is, but the second, Design, is thrown around a lot to finally encompass many different things. This article argues that design is approximately a fancy term for economics. Later on, I ramble on about design and emotional connection with the things around us. More...

The case against overhead bridges

Last October an accident happened on a road in Singapore. A 4 year old child and the family’s helper accompanying her were struck by a car as they were jaywalking across a two by two-lane street, resulting in the death of the child. The tragedy is reported in this Straits Times article. The report mentions that the jaywalking took place near an overhead bridge, where pedestrians can climb up to cross the road, with pictures showing the bridge perhaps 20-30 meters away. More...

Fake news and info laundering

Yesterday appeared on the New York Times How to Fix Facebook? We Asked 9 Experts, obviously in response to the latest news that Facebook had communicated to Congress details about paid advertisements by foreign interests attempting to influence the outcome of 2016’s election. Fake news is the center and front of the debate and behind lies the technical question of how to spot them and defuse them. The article offers a few insights, including some that may well be the solution. More...

60km with Obike and Mobike

I am in love with bicycle sharing. There, it is said. I can now continue my totally biased journal of thoughts relative to the new dockless bicycles that appeared overnight in Singapore. It is a continuation of sorts of my previous article on cycling in Singapore. I will use the same format of going through several not necessarily ordered thoughts. More...

Collected thoughts on transportation in Singapore II: Cycling

I wrote haphazard thoughts on cars in Singapore in a previous post, following a week-long workshop on transport policies in the city state. Today I want to talk about cycling in Singapore, based on my personal experience and gathered evidence from conversations and policies. More...